Monday, August 1, 2011


Another entry in the series on places I miss in Ann Arbor

When I left for college, I found myself missing really strange places in my hometown. In addition to the usual spots - my house, the town center, the center playground - and the people, I missed specific locations, such as the intersection right next to my house and the traffic light in the middle of town. I couldn't explain why I missed these places so clearly, and I'm pretty sure my mom thought I was weird when I mentioned it.

I've noticed the same thing happening since I left Ann Arbor. I miss the usual things - friends, our house, places around campus, favorite restaurants (oh
Frita Batidos, I long for a caramel rum cream batido!) - but I also pine for intersections. I love the one near my street, right by the Ann Arbor District Library. I also miss all the corners on the walk down Liberty toward Main, past the post office, Cafe Japon, and a bunch of shops. I miss where Detroit Street cuts diagonally up towards Zingerman's. I love the corner between the Law Quad and Dominick's. I miss the corner of Main and Washington, where I'd turn left, cut through bd's Mongolian Barbeque's corner and walk down to Sweetwater's or Frita Batidos.

A is for An Intersection I Miss.

So why intersections? When I move to a new place, I've found that the best way for me to feel at home is to walk around the city or town. By walking, I see things that make the place special for me - stores I like, gardens that are especially pretty, houses with cool windows, or little hidden doors. Ann Arbor itself began feeling more like home once I got off campus and found my way around the city. It was also the first city where I lived on my own and started to feel like an independent adult (or as much of an adult as your average college kid can be). Though there were many things that made Ann Arbor feel like home to me, the various streets around where I lived were a major part.

After two years on Hamilton Place, we finally got a street sign!

What are your favorite spots in Ann Arbor?
Are there any specific streets you like best? Or do you like intersections, too?


  1. ok i'm mixed on intersections. because the intersection at packard and state was a pain, and trying to cross at tappen and hill was kind of annoying, too. that said, my favorite intersection was south u and state. it was so picturesque with the union, angell hall, the art museum, law quad. i'll miss walking up to that every morning.

  2. You've got a good point about Packard and State. That one is pretty ridiculous. I love South U and State, too. U of M really has great architecture.

  3. The one with Maru on it, even though it's just a pit, an unremarkable church, a brick apartment building and a ramshackle Korean place.