Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Michigan's Campus: Part IV

This is the fourth entry in my series on my favorite campus spots, which is a more focused version of my series on places I miss in Ann Arbor.

Angell Hall is a gorgeous building at the University of Michigan. It houses many of the humanities classes and departments. It is connected to Tisch, Haven and Mason Halls - it works, but I've never quite understood it - and is one of the buildings you see as you walk down State Street. It has huge columns on its facade and always looks grand. Even when I didn't have a class there, I still walked by it every day, and it was one of my favorite places around campus.

Angell Hall has the Fish Bowl, the giant computer lab, and the honors commons, which is a great place to sit and read/sleep in comfy chairs. It is also where you can find the Classics Library, where I wrote the second and third chapters of my thesis. Some of the classrooms are gorgeous, and the Angell Hall auditoriums have some of the best desks and chairs. I also worked in the basement of Angell Hall at the Peer Tutoring Center, which can have pretty cool mood lighting when the tutors feel like it.

The bump on top is an observatory!
There's also a planetarium inside.

However, my favorite spot within Angell Hall just might be the History Department. (Okay, okay, the History Department is technically in Tisch Hall, but I mean, they're only divided by a couple sets of doors!) The department was recently renovated, so the meeting room where they often hold lectures or student events is high-tech and lovely. Instead of a normal wall that separates it from the hallway, the wall is made of frosted sea green glass. When I started realizing that going to history lectures outside of class was just as interesting as it was nerdy, I attended a few given by professors and visiting faculty there. I occasionally would take a longer route to get to class just to walk through the department.

Additionally, the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies is located on the first floor of Haven Hall and has a gorgeous wooden stairway that leads up to it. It is between the classrooms of Mason Hall and the faculty and GSI offices in Haven Hall, and because it is all made of dark wood, it creates a beautiful and unexpected contrast with the bright white tile of the other hallways. Even if I was trying to reach a higher floor, I would walk up that stairway just so I could pass through the wooden hallway.

The stairs in front of Angell Hall are a great place to sit when the weather is nice. You can set yourself up there with a book (and some sunscreen) and relax in between classes or once you've finished for the day. When it's cold, there are plenty of places inside to do the same.

Do you have any favorite spots in Angell Hall (or Mason, Haven, and Tisch?)
What are your favorite places on campus?

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