Sunday, April 24, 2016

First Quarter Check-In

How is 2016 going by so quickly? Most of the last few months have been taken up by setting up our new place, bundling up through another Michigan winter, and thinking ahead to the rest of the year. Here's a sample of some things I've found lately and loved:


Choppers - Rebecca Scherm 
"I wondered if the rabbit was negotiable.
'I don't think it's a snake,' my friend Nathan said. 'I think it's a dragon.'
'I don't think you should go through with this,' said pretty much everyone else." 

MFA vs. CIA - Jennifer duBois
"Many of my characters feel a sense of their unlived lives flickering around them; in my first few years of writing almost all of my narrators were men. As both a writer and a reader, I seem to possess a steroidal sense of credulity. “That wouldn’t happen,” I’d hear my workshop colleagues say later on—but the thing about things that wouldn’t happen is that once in a while, they do. And these make for interesting stories, if there is anyone to tell them."
How millennials should deal with baby boomers at work - Ann Friedman
"Restraint, millennials on Twitter agree, is indispensable, even when boomers aren't showing any. Older colleagues may drop comments such as, “I have children your age!” Under no circumstance should you point out that you have parents their age. Just smile and don't stop smiling for the duration of your employment."
Women Leaving Tactfully in Western Art History - Mallory Ortberg 
"oh gosh
I honestly wish that I could
but I
running water

I thought that was witches

I’m that thing
I’m witches, I’m too witches to come, sorry"