Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to Massachusetts

This past weekend, I went back to visit my family and friends around Boston. It was just a short visit, but I got to eat my mom's cooking, spend time with a couple friends, and visit two of my three favorite ice cream places around Lexington. Here are some photos from the weekend!

This is the view from Megabus on my way into the city. You can see the Prudential Center, the John Hancock Building, and the Citgo sign by Fenway Park.

This is why I always try for the window seat.

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote a post about my favorite ice cream spots in Lexington and the surrounding towns. Happily, on my first night in town I went to Bedford Farm's with a friend to get the flavor burst soft serve that I love.

This is the bubble gum flavor burst - it's so pink and pretty!

Here's Boston Harbor. My friend Hope and I walked around the waterfront in the North End for a bit before attending a free wine tasting at the Golden Goose Market.


There was a little girl at the wine tasting with an adorable puppy. When we went over to pet it, Hope tried to make conversation with the girl. She asked, "Is your dog a boy or a girl?" to which the little girl replied, "Well, she's wearing a pink ribbon." Hope and I did not impress that girl with our smarts, apparently.

It was so small and so fluffy and if the girl hadn't had it on a good leash,
I may have tried to lure it away with the salami from the wine tasting...

This is one of my favorite views of the city, from the Charles/MGH T stop on the Red Line.

When heading inbound, you pull out of the Kendall T stop and suddenly you see this.
It's beautiful even on rainy days.

In that same post about ice cream places near Lexington, I wrote about Kimball's over in Carlisle. I went with my parents one night and tried their pumpkin ice cream. Delicious! As you can see, they have a regular menu, but then even more flavors stuck next to it with thumb tacks.
It takes me forever to pick a flavor.

Kimball's serves huge portions. Pictured below is my dad's kiddie size cone of frozen pudding. I'm hoping seeing his hand there will give you a good idea of the proportion.

Maybe it's called "kiddie size" because it's the size of a small child's head.

After a rainy bus ride from South Station, I made it back to Philadelphia last night. All in all, a fast but great trip to Boston!

30th Street Station - one of my favorite places in Philly!

How have your summer travels been?
Have you gotten to visit any favorite spots?


  1. I have 2 Boston ice cream suggestions for you:
    Sweet & Crafty, in Mansfield, MA - check to see if this is still there. My mom and I used to go there when I was little.

    and there's one in Sharon too, called Crescent Ridge - they make their ice cream on-site. Sweet and Crafty makes their waffle cones on-site and they are delish.