Friday, November 2, 2012

An Afternoon at Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is a short bus ride away from Oxford.  It's home to the Dukes of Marlborough and has some of the most stunning gardens I've ever seen.

The admission price for non-student adults under 65 is steep at £20, but you can convert your one-day ticket into a year-long membership.  If I lived nearby, it would be worth it just to walk around the gardens once a season.  (We saw at least one jogger running through.  I would enjoy jogging more with this as my scenery.)  Eric and I both got memberships just in case.  Fingers crossed for another trip to England before October 16, 2013.

All photos: The Water Terrace and views over the lake
Sir Winston Churchill was the nephew of the eighth Duke of Marlborough and was born in the palace.  As an adult, he proposed to his future wife at the Temple of Diana in the gardens.
Well chosen, Sir.
Eric and I wandered through the Rose Garden, which still had a few autumn blooms.  I imagined that if I lived in Blenheim, I would take a book there to read while my future puppies chased each other through the roses in the afternoon.

Eric and I lucked out on a gorgeous autumn day.  As we walked, I couldn't help taking pictures of the brightly colored trees.

The path to this waterfall was designed so that the rushing water would be heard before it was seen.

The path looped around and we walked along the lake on our way back to the palace.

To add to the romance and sense of magic, there was a Secret Garden.  The path through it was windy and twisted around a stream several times.

We made it back to the palace right before five o'clock.  A guide walked us through.  She was informative and kind, and got us out of there by closing time.  We took our time wandering back down the path to Woodstock and had to sprint to catch our bus back to Oxford.

Visiting Blenheim was one of the highlights of our time in England, and I look forward to returning.

Where do you like to go on autumn days?

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