Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Month in Oxford

After leaving Paris, Eric and I flew up to the United Kingdom.  We stopped in Oxford for what we planned to be a week's stay...

I keep thinking someone plopped an English country garden down in front of the Law Quad.
... and we've been here for about a month.  We both love it.

The Bodleian Library
We've gotten into a routine of getting lunch at the covered market, settling down to work for the afternoon, making dinner at the hostel, and then going out for a pint while we continue to write and read.  I've loved finding favorite places to hang out, interesting shops, and delicious meals.

Oxford's Covered Market, full of independent shops and cafés
Pies at Pieminster, our most frequent lunch stop
We work a lot at Starbucks, to the point that Eric earned this status
Bread and butter pudding at Turl Street Kitchen, one of the few late night coffee options
They also serve excellent beer and wine and have a fireplace. 
I don't know what more I could want.
On October 1, we celebrated my birthday at the Turf Tavern, a popular pub tucked down a dark alleyway.  Dinner was a goat cheese salad followed by the Pig Board (little sausage links, breaded pork, a sausage in puff pastry, and a Scotch egg) and chips.  Oh man, it was delicious.

 Eric sweetly brought candles and lit our blackberry and apple crumble on fire.

Birthday fireball!
There were only a few candles, but apparently my camera freaks out when there's a lot of light.  I love how the picture came out.  There was also a chocolate tart, so we had all the ingredients for a fantastic birthday.

Dessert, post-wish
In the past month, we've stayed in three different hostels and one student house, eaten a formal dinner at University College, seen two friends from Michigan, and devoured as many pies as possible.  We've managed to settle in, almost transitioning from "travelers" to "normal residents." 

Inside Christ Church
Today is our last afternoon in town before we move on to Bath.  I'd love to stay longer, but the exchange rate makes it difficult and we still want to see a few more places.  Next week, we're heading back to continental Europe!

What makes you love college towns?


  1. Looks so pretty there! I went to Cambridge, I think, when I was in England for a week and a half, but not Oxford.

    College towns (especially Ann Arbor) are always just so vibrant - so much going on and tons of shopping, restaurants, etc.

    1. For sure! Ann Arbor always has an event, a new restaurant, or something cool happening. Oxford definitely felt similar.

  2. I should have really learned my lesson about reading your blog on an empty stomach...

    It looks amazing. Can you bring back some pies, please?

    1. I'll try! I've been looking up recipes. I'm also looking forward to mastering bread and butter pudding and toffee pudding.