Monday, October 31, 2011

Rule 3: Don't Provoke the Monsters in the First Place

It snowed in Philadelphia yesterday.  I was not okay with this for many reasons, but one in particular was that yesterday was the Saturday night of Halloween.  It was the night when most people were headed out to Halloween parties in their carefully crafted/thrown together at the last minute costumes.  If you had been counting on a relatively warm night so that you could wear shorts, short skirts, or other equally cold costumes, things just didn't work out so well.

Personally, I prefer being warm on Halloween and am willing to sacrifice the look of my costume so I don't freeze.  Usually, this just means wearing a coat.  In order to be helpful to anyone who might be going out on Halloween itself, here's a list of warm costume ideas that you can probably still make sexy if you want:

Sexy Ski Bum - Wear black leggings, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a puffy vest.  If you have ski poles, carry them to complete the costume.  (These will be helpful if you want to ward off unwanted advances.)  This goes against my rule that leggings are not pants, but it lets you remain in the "sexy costume" category by showing off your legs that have been toned on the slopes.

From the Gap: But for real, leggings are not pants.
Cruella De Vil - You get to wear a big furry coat, which will keep you all sorts of warm, and then you can wear some slinky dress underneath if you still want a seductive costume.
See?  Huge furry coat over a little black dress!  Dalmatians optional.
Bill Cosby - All you need is a crazy sweater and you're set!  If you want to make it more authentic, carry around some Jell-O jigglers (or Jell-O shots, depending on what kind of party you attend) to round out the costume/make new friends.

Bill Cosby also played a Ghost Dad in 1990.
Private Eye, Carmen Sandiego, or Anything Else That Involves a Trench Coat - Think how many layers you can wear under a trench coat!  You'll be toasty warm all night.

We'll always have Chad's party.

Caterpillar to Butterfly - Wear all black under a puffy down coat, the full-length kind.  Wear some antennae and, on the way to your party, you can be the cozy, cute caterpillar.  When you arrive, attach some brightly colored wings and you're a sexy butterfly!
If you get it in white, you can also go as the Michelin Man.
To those of you who venture out on Halloween night, good luck and stay safe!  Happy haunting!

What was your costume this year?  How did you choose it?
I love seeing other people's costumes - feel free to send pictures!

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