Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two and a Half Months Out...

It has been about two and a half months since I graduated from Michigan and moved out of Ann Arbor. Though I do like having no homework, even after this short time I miss school. I miss taking history classes. I miss my friends, classmates, and Ann Arbor. Last week, I went to a cool street fair that showed me that West Philly is actually full of environment-loving vegans. This reminded me of Kerrytown, but rather than making me feel a little more homey, it just made me miss Michigan that much more. Di Bruno Bros. Deli has a great cheese section, but it's no Zingerman's. And while Penn's campus is gorgeous, there's no giant M for me to avoid!

Growing up, there were a couple movies that always made me tear up.
The Fox and the Hound. (When they end with "'Cause You're the Best of Friends" - oh man.) I don't think I ever actually made it to the end of Bambi. And both An American Tail and Fievel Goes West always got me with the song "Somewhere Out There." The idea of being separated from family, lost in New York or the Wild West was so sad. Recently, however, the song started helping me to feel a little less homesick.

During its first season, the NBC comedy
Community had a plot line in which two characters, Troy and Abed, had to train a rat to respond to a certain song. They named their rat Fievel before he escaped from the lab. This clip is from the end of that episode. It makes me smile because it reminds me of school, it makes the distance between Philadelphia, Boston and Ann Arbor feel shorter, and because there's dancing. If you are unfamiliar with the show, I hope you appreciate it for the great music and for the fact that Chevy Chase is in it.

Community - Somewhere, Out There by blacktuna4581

Cheers me up every time!

What reminds you of places you miss? What makes you feel at home?

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  1. After graduating, I had one of the best experiences of my life in Chile. However, I was constantly thinking about Ann Arbor and how much I missed my friends, classes, being an undergrad, and the weird sense of unreal realness that comes along with it. I would be riding the Metro in Santiago and for a moment feel overwhelmed with a sense of loss, of memory, or of uncertainty. Guess what happened when I moved to Detroit? I had those same feeling about Chile. I still have those same feelings about Chile. And I can be sure that next year, I am going to miss my "Community" mates like crazy, even though things can be frustrating at times. So my advice to you, or my comment... which isn't worth anything because I think we all have to go through those moments where we are carried back in time by memory... would be to just live in the moment, in the present. This minute will never come again. And at the end of it all we will look back on life, close our eyes, and wish we had some of it back, to experience again, to love and rejoice in again. So live with that moment right now :)

    Enough heavy stuff. I'm going to go jump!