Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is Where I Wrote My Thesis

Today's post about the places I will miss in Ann Arbor will be a little bit different than usual. These are places you might be less likely to visit, but they are still worth your time!

I have a desk in my bedroom, but I don't use it. This photograph should explain why.

To be fair, this is worse than usual.

So when I wrote my thesis, I had to relocate to actually get some work done.

There was the dining room table, which is painted like the field in the Big House. Also, there was the basement couch, where I wrote my first chapter while watching Criminal Minds. That probably explains why my first draft was, well... not great. But it was a draft! At least I didn't throw in any references to unsubs.

By the time I got to chapter two, I was spending more time with the other people in my thesis class, including one girl who is minoring in classics. She, other friends, and I worked together in the Classics Library in Angell Hall. She had a key to get us in, so I felt extra cool and I tried to hide the fact that I am a history major - I didn't want them to kick me out! When the library was too busy, we moved to the Classics Reading Room. Though it does not have windows, we enjoyed it partially for this mural:

Please note the grapes.

It's like you're outside already! Plus the weather is always beautiful!

I also wrote a lot in the grad library, where you do not need a key to enter. The reading room is gorgeous and less intimidating than the Law Library. When I go there to work, I tend to spread out on the long tables and take up at least three people's worth of room.

So pretty and studious!

These are just a few of the numerous places around campus to study. There are dozens of coffee shops, libraries, cozy spots in the Union... I've enjoyed exploring them in the past four years. Even if you're just looking for somewhere to curl up and read a good book, it's worth making friends with a Classics major or finding your way through the grad!

Where are your favorite study spots in Ann Arbor?


  1. Is that William the Wonder Bear's first actual appearance on the blog?

  2. Our desks are the SAME! Not just the stuff on top, but the same dark wood and drawer pulls AND the same memory board above! Crazy....

  3. Tim - Yes! I'm hoping to have a post explaining the title once I get back to Lexington and can find that book again.

    Emily - That's wild! I'm excited to have a desk twin! :)

  4. Curiously, your bear seems to be wearing my doll's overalls!!!

  5. I'll keep a look out for some cooler places to study. I usually hide away in my room or my friend's place. I really wish I had time to read more, though!!