Saturday, April 23, 2011

Main Street and State Street

Here is another entry in the series about places I will miss in Ann Arbor!

I love State Street and Main Street in Ann Arbor because each gives me a specific feeling when I walk around. State Street is right on campus. As you walk north from the Union, you pass Angell Hall and other academic buildings as well as coffee shops, restaurants, and other stores. Here's the view from the corner of State Street and North University:

In the photo on top, you can see Red Hawk, the bar with the awesome drink specials.
The second photo looks towards campus, and you can see the Natural Science building and Mason Hall.
The third photo shows Nickel's Arcade and way down toward the corner is Ashley's.

And here is Angell Hall, one of the most beautiful academic buildings in my opinion:

Doesn't it just ooze knowledge?

Walking up State Street, you are often surrounded by other students heading to class. It's easy to run into someone you know. It feels both academic and slightly separated from classes, since the street also houses places to grab food, coffee, and cute clothes. I've been a little bummed that in the past year, a CVS and a 7-11 have opened on State Street, so it feels a little more corporate and a little less unique. I have several friends who are thrilled, though, and I do like that milk is cheaper at the CVS than at the other grocery store within walking distance of my house. (This all relates back to a class I just finished up, so I will leave the discussion there.) But especially from the corner of North U and State, you can turn one way to walk towards the Diag, another way to grab some dinner, and a third to just wander through town. I love it.

Main Street, on the other hand, is several blocks off campus in what I think of as "real Ann Arbor." A lot of students still live around the area, but it seems like you are more likely to run into Ann Arbor residents there than on State Street. It is filled with delicious restaurants of various levels of fanciness. I walked around today to take pictures because it is gorgeous out. For some reason it got cloudy once I took out my camera. Of course. Here are photos:

In the first photo, you can see a few stores including the Vault of Midnight. Such a cool name.
In the second photo, you can see some of the fancier restaurants, including the Chop House and La Dolce Vita. People were eating at tables outside today! It's always a real sign of spring.

Walking around Main Street makes me imagine the life I hope to be leading when I am a real adult (which will be happening much too soon). Hopefully I will be spending time in classy bars drinking fancy drinks, but also I hope to be visiting interesting, beautiful places. During the winter, all the trees on Main Street have little white lights in them and the entire street looks magical. I hope that wherever I end up will have little things like that to make it beautiful.

Speaking of little things, here is another reason I love Main Street:

Outside Peaceable Kingdom!

Here is one of Ann Arbor's Fairy Doors! I mentioned them in my last post, too. There are several up and down Main, and they add to the sense of magic that I find in Ann Arbor.

With only seven days left in town, I'm going to try to see as much of the city as possible! Feel free to suggest some bucket list items for me!

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