Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sunday Postcard #9

Sunday Postcard #9

Pokhara, Nepal June 2018

When we were in Pokhara, I got to see this little white dog with tan ears every day. He or she looked like a toasted marshmallow. He guarded a store/restaurant/guest house. Two mornings ago, I was waiting for coffee across the street when I heard an explosion of barking. Two large dogs came running out of the guest house across the street with Marshmallow Pup hot on their heels, telling them what’s what. I was amazed that such a small dog could scare off two large ones, and then Marshmallow Pup’s person stepped out behind him for the chase. Marshmallow Pup may not have been the reason the two dogs ran off, but he spent the rest of the morning looking quite triumphant.

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