Sunday, April 13, 2014

Love That Dirty Water

The first hints of spring and autumn always make me miss New England. Since 2007 I've spent a few summers in Massachusetts, but I effectively moved away when I was eighteen. While Michigan does have beautiful landscapes and Chicago has a lakefront, these seasons make me wish I was back on the beach in Ipswich, debating between fried clams or fish and chips for lunch. It's one of the many reasons I hesitate when answering the question "Where are you from?" when it comes up overseas. "Well, I live in Chicago, but I grew up outside Boston..."

A Dunkin Donuts ad? I must be in Boston.
With that, I give you the top five reasons I will pretty much always identify as a New Englander:

5. I get to share a state with Mark Whalberg, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler and Tom Brady.

4. No one else in the country can pronounce the names of our towns.
Growing up with the proper pronunciation always makes me feel like I'm in a secret club. (Concord rhymes with "herd," not "horde." Most films that mention Hanscom Air Force Base incorrectly put the emphasis on the second syllable. Can anyone else pronounce Worcester right?)

3. Every time it's warm out, I automatically wish I was sitting on a beach on Cape Cod.
... with a cold Sam Adams, obviously.

Cape Cod potato chips and a lobster roll. What more could I want?
2. Make Way for Ducklings.
Need I say more?

1. Patriots Day is one of my favorite holidays.
This year I'm going to try out this recipe on my coworkers so they'll put up with my speech about the Battles of Lexington and Concord. There may or may not be a dramatic reenactment of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, complete with lanterns and a replica Old North Church.

What are your favorite things about where you grew up?

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  1. Oh, it's not WORE-CHEST-ER? :P

    I love returning to MA/RI but we moved to IL when I was 5 and MI when I was 9.