Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Surprises

Before I arrived back in Lexington on Wednesday night, my mom told me that she really hadn't had time to do too much decorating.  She'd been busy working, choosing amazing Christmas gifts for everyone, and baking the best cookies of ever. (Not just the cinnamon cookies with the chocolate kisses, but the Italian flag cookies and Linzer tarts!)  Oh, and also she did all of this:

My mom makes this cranberry wreath and it always looks nice against our white front door.
I think she even made the bow!
My parents picked a great tree!  It's the tallest I can remember in years.

It seemed like every room I walked into had a small Christmas surprise somewhere:

This snowman celebrated the season in the downstairs hallway.
On the landing, she hung glass ornaments from a photo mobile.
There were tiny glass balls brightening up the kitchen window sill.
This was my favorite! Even the shelf in the bathroom was Christmasy.
While I love the tree and the stockings hanging from the mantle, it's these little decorations that make me smile.  They're creative and add Christmas cheer in unexpected places.  I'm not sure what else my mom planned to decorate, but the house felt wonderfully festive to me.  I fully intend to steal all her ideas for my apartment next December.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

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