Thursday, January 7, 2016

Random Goals for the Next Year

At my last birthday, I took stock of a few things I was particularly proud of from the previous year. There are the larger-scale professional and personal successes, of course. However, I was especially excited about the following minor things:
  • I can now drink coffee black. Among the handful of reasons I tried to do this: the creamer in my office started tasting weird to me; we buy good quality coffee, and it seemed counterintuitive to brew it and then add coffee creamer; I had access to good espresso and wanted to enjoy it in all its glory; I got the idea that adults drink black coffee. Success! I enjoy black coffee, though still sometimes add cream and sugar.
  • I can walk in 3+ inch heels. I love being tall. Eric and I are roughly the same height, so for a while I avoided shoes that made me taller. Between working on a team with many men who stand above six feet and realizing that being taller than my spouse is a non-issue, I decided to figure out how to wear kickass pumps. I now have a few pairs that I love and wear regularly.
  • I am good at volleyball. I took volleyball for a few quarters in high school gym class, but usually focused my recreational sports on softball. This past summer, I joined a volleyball league and remembered that, oh hey, I'm good at volleyball and I really love team sports. I'd gotten burned out on softball by the time I turned 16, and it was fun to feel reconnected to athletics in a way I hadn't been in a long time.
Looking ahead to my next birthday and the new calendar year, here are a few super random goals I have:
  • I want to learn to wear lipstick. I've got my eyeliner game down pretty well, but lipstick has always been a challenge. When done right, it can make you look pulled together and professional. How do you do that without immediately wearing it all off on your coffee mug? I intend to tackle this mystery in the coming year. 
  • Attend yoga more than once. No, not "more than once a month." I want to attend yoga class more than once in a calendar year. This should not be difficult to accomplish, and yet 2014 and 2015 tell a different tale.
  • Plan better. It's a vague goal, but that fits this theme, right? I'd like to be better about plans in 2016, both big and small. I'm happier getting ready for work when I've packed my lunch the night before. I like having plans with friends and I like planning vacations. So this year - more and better plans. 
  What are your goals for 2016?


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